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    Customer Reviews & References

    We are so grateful and want to thank all of our customers for choosing to work with us. Thank you all for your loyalty and for telling others about us.

    “Word of mouth is the best advertisement and you only get that by having satisfied customers.”
    — Brandy & Brandon Bannister

    • “Great company. They repiped my home over head when I had a pipe bust in my slab. They were/have been wonderful to work with, hard working, and efficient. They also had the best bid out of about 8 plumbing companies.”

    • “Resealed the toilet. We had a bad odor in the bathroom. They diagnosed and fixed the broken seal on toilet.”

    • “They installed a hot water dispenser. They were prompt and just plain awesome!”

    • “They were excellent! Arrived quickly, worked fast and were done in less than an hour. Haven’t had a problem with it since. Were also very polite. Very reasonable price!”

    We’d love to hear about your experience with Bannister Plumbing! Leave your review on Yelp, Facebook, or call 903-541-2266.