When you call the professional plumbers at Bannister Plumbing for trenchless repiping and sewer line replacement, you can expect a professional job from start to finish. No destroyed landscaping, driveways, or parking lots. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement costs less and takes less time than traditional excavation methods.

All of our pipe repair services start with video camera inspection to pinpoint the source of the problem. Then, through a remarkable non-invasive process called “trenchless repiping,” our highly trained technicians will perform a quick and efficient pipe replacement.

Our straightforward pricing guide helps you know the cost of any repair before work begins. No hidden fees or surprise costs with Bannister.

Our experienced team of highly qualified plumbers are reliable, fully-licensed, and background checked. We’re a family-owned company, and no one works for us that we wouldn’t invite home ourselves.

We show up on time and ready to go! Having handled plenty of surprises, we ensure our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment. Bannister Plumbers get it right the first time because we come prepared.

We wear shoe covers on our boots and leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re working for you, so you shouldn’t be cleaning up after us.

When has a plumbing emergency ever fit into your schedule? If something happens, give a call. No need to wait until business hours; we work our business around you! We are very proud to offer true 24-hour service as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our East Texas neighbors and customers.

Bannister Plumbing is dedicated to providing long-term solutions at a price you can afford. With Straightforward Pricing and a gimmick-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we are fully committed to quality service every time. You will always know the full cost of pipe repairs before any work is started.

Here at Bannister Plumbing, we know that plumbing problems are never planned. That’s why we offer you 24/7 service. We’re here for you when need it most. Trenchless repiping can be completed in as little as one day, your property stays intact, and the joint-free pipes are cost-effective and long-lasting. Call Bannister Plumbing for your free estimate concerning trenchless repiping.

We are a full-service plumbing company that provides Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements, Remodeling, and New Construction for Residential and Commercial properties in Jacksonville, Tyler, and all of East Texas.


No one plans for a sewer or septic emergency, that’s why we offer 24-hour service for both residential and commercial customers. Give us a call day or night, weekday or holiday; we’ll get there.

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Bannister Plumbing Sewer & Septic Services


Some pipeline cameras are low-quality cameras that can be rented from your local home improvement store. We use the high quality cameras with HD full-color imaging.

If needed, we will use hydrojetting to remove debris and water to produce a clear image. A high-quality video camera inspection is essential for preparing an accurate quote and performing necessary repairs.

After your professional plumber runs a video inspection, you will get a much better understanding of the condition of your pipes and any problems that may exist. Next, you just have to decide on the pipe repair method.


After your plumbing camera inspection, you will be given a couple different options for repair or replacement. Sometimes, the repair will include digging, however, there are also non-destructive methods available, such as pipe lining and pipe bursting.

  • Pipe lining introduces a flexible tube inside the old pipe, which is then inflated to create a new, undamaged pipe. Also called “cured-in-place piping” (CIPP), pipe lining only requires two small access points, translating to large savings for businesses and homeowners.
  • Pipe bursting involves inserting a completely new pipe into the old one, which breaks the old pipe and leaves the fragments safely underground. Pipe bursting involves some complicated pieces of equipment (expander head, pulling rods, pulling machine, hydraulic power pack, etc.) and advanced training.

We use green technology and the most non-destructive methods to reduce debris and protect the surrounding property and our environment. While conventional pipe repair can take weeks or even months, our non-destructive trenchless pipe repairs can be completed in as little as one day.

Call Bannister Plumbing to determine if trenchless repiping and non-destructive sewer replacements are right for your project.


Conventional pipe repair includes some “destruction” to your building or property, which will include some repair costs, such as replacing floors and repairing walls. The benefits of a trenchless pipe lining repair is that there are no destruction or repair costs to absorb afterwards. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the mess and weeks of construction time to find and fix the issue.

  • No destruction to property (no costs associated with repairs)
  • Pipe lining repairs can be completed in as little as one day
  • Stay in the home during repairs
  • May be covered by insurance
  • Increased flow capacity
  • Water turned on at the end of every day
  • Parts and labor warranties
  • Less time and digging means less labor costs

Trenchless repiping eliminates the need to dig up sewer lines and ruin beautiful landscaping. It is cleaner, faster, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional repiping methods. Without having to deal with offset pipes, cracks, and root intrusions, your new, joint-free pipe will provide trouble-free sewer service for decades to come.

All of our materials are fully certified and tested. Our products have been approved and tested by third part testing. We back all of our pipe repair services with long-lasting warranties.

Contact Bannister Plumbing for pipe repair service with minimal or no excavation.

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