Water Softener Service For Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

If you are worried about the condition of your water supply and want to improve your household’s health, skin, hair, clothes, and appliances, then ask Bannister Plumbing about our water softening options.

Install a water softener to save money, extend the life of your water-using appliances, prevent water staining, and improve the taste of your food and drink water. Water softener systems are also great for the environment since they completely eliminate the need to purchase bottled water. Get rid of hard water, mineral stains, and skin problems by installing a water softener in your home.

Do you know the quality of your water?

If you have iron in your water, you could be seeing stains on your water fixtures and clothing. Other signs of hard water include dry hair and skin, thin film on shower doors and dishes, and mineral scaling around plumbing fixtures. Water “hardness” is normally cause by calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, and other metals. By removing these “hard” elements from your water supply, you get to enjoy all the benefits of soft water.


  • Chlorine Removal
  • Heavy Water Removal
  • Scale and Water Spot Reduction
  • Water Aeration
  • Removes Chemicals and Microorganisms
  • Softens Water
  • High Quality Resin
  • Digital Display
  • Removes Taste and Odors
  • Removes Nitrates

At Bannister Plumbing, each water softening system is designed specifically for your home. We test your water and get to know your concerns before we match a water softener to fix those issues.

Our straightforward pricing guide helps you know the cost of any repair before work begins. No hidden fees or surprise costs with Bannister.

Our experienced team of highly qualified plumbers are reliable, fully-licensed, and background checked. We’re a family-owned company, and no one works for us that we wouldn’t invite home ourselves.

We show up on time and ready to go! Having handled plenty of surprises, we ensure our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment. Bannister Plumbers get it right the first time because we come prepared.

We wear shoe covers on our boots and leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re working for you, so you shouldn’t be cleaning up after us.

When has a plumbing emergency ever fit into your schedule? If something happens, give a call. No need to wait until business hours; we work our business around you! We are very proud to offer true 24-hour service as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our East Texas neighbors and customers.

We are a full-service plumbing company that provides Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements, Remodeling, and New Construction for Residential and Commercial properties in Jacksonville, Tyler, and all of East Texas.

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Water Softener Benefits

Less Soap and Cleaning Products

Soft water requires round 50% less soap for the same cleaning effect. If you are tired of replacing your soaps and detergents, invest in a water softening system. Not only will you enjoy the savings of less cleaning products, you will also notice your clothes are cleaner and more vibrant.

Longer Lasting Appliances

All of your water-consuming appliances will last longer and be more efficient with soft water than with hard water. Since hard water contains heavy metals that can cause mineral buildups, scaling, and other problems in your plumbing system, soft water will improve the efficiency and lifespans of all of your pipes and appliances.

Water softeners provide a lot of savings in the long run by reducing maintenance, repair, and eventually replacement costs.

No More Staining

One easy way to tell if you have hard water is to take a look at your faucets, drains, and fixtures. If you notice staining on your plumbing fixtures, dishes, tubs, and showers, ask your plumber if a water softener will solve the problem

Little to No Maintenance

Since water conditioners are powered by the force of moving water, they require very little maintenance over the course of their lives. If you combine the savings from appliances, bottled water, and cleaning, skin, and hair products, a water softening system ends up paying for itself many times over.

No More Bottled Water

Do you buy a lot of bottled water? What if the water from your faucets tasted better than the bottled water at the store? To enjoy pure water free of harmful metals and chemicals, ask us about our water softening and filtration products and services.

No matter what your concerns are, we have a water filtration or softening system that’s right for you.

For healthier skin and hair, longer-lasting appliances, and better-tasting food and drink, contact Bannister Plumbing for a professional water softening appointment. We will provide a complete analysis of your water and plumbing systems and sit down with you to discuss all of your options.

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